How To Keep Necklaces From Tangling

How To Keep Necklaces From Tangling

Necklaces are beautiful jewelry that can make you look stylish and classy. But, it can be really annoying when they get tangled.

There are different ways to keep necklaces from tangling and if you follow the steps mentioned below, you will be able to avoid it.

How To Avoid Tangling Of Necklaces

In this guide, we will discuss some useful ways to prevent necklace tangling. These tips will help you keep your jewelry collection in perfect condition and always ready to wear.

Wear Different Lengths Necklaces

An effective approach to avoid the tangling of necklaces is to opt for necklaces of varying lengths. This technique significantly reduces the probability of overlapping and entanglement. Additionally, layering necklaces of different lengths not only enhances the visual appeal of your attire but also mitigates the risk of knotting.

Use Necklace Spacers

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Necklace spacers are small, typically cylindrical devices that you can add between your necklaces. They act as barriers, keeping your necklaces separated and preventing them from twisting together. These spacers are available in various materials and styles, making them a discreet and effective solution.

Linking Necklaces Together

To stop necklaces from getting tangled, you can connect them together when you're not wearing them. Just clip the clasps of two or more necklaces together to make one long necklace. This will keep them from getting knotted up. But be careful when you do this, so they don't get twisted while you're storing them.

Mix Different Weights Necklaces

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Consider mixing necklaces of different weights and materials. Lightweight and delicate chains are more prone to tangling due to their flexibility, so pair them with heavier necklaces that are less likely to twist and turn. This combination can reduce the chances of tangles and create a stylish layered look.

What Causes Necklace Tangling

Understanding the causes of necklace tangling is essential for preventing it in the first place and also, it makes it easier to untangle your necklaces. Several factors contribute to this frustrating issue, including:

Storage Neglect: Storing necklaces without proper organization and separation can lead to entanglement.

Chain Length: Longer necklace chains have more room to move, increasing the risk of tangling.

Clasps and Charms: The presence of clasps, pendants, or charms on necklaces can catch onto other jewelry pieces.

Travel and Movement: Any movement, whether during travel or daily wear, can result in twisted necklaces.


In summary, it is important to keep your necklaces untangled not only for convenience but also to preserve their beauty and durability. By following these strategies and understanding why necklaces tangle, you can effortlessly enjoy wearing them, adding elegance and grace to your style. With these tips in mind, you can easily maintain your jewelry collection.

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