How To Untangle A Necklace

How To Untangle A Necklace

One of the most frustrating things regarding necklaces is when they tangle. It’s a mess and might be very hard to untangle your necklaces.

There are different reasons why necklaces might get tangled but don't worry - we've got you covered.

In this guide, we'll share effective methods on how to untangle necklaces and even offer tips on preventing tangles in the first place.

How To Untangle Necklaces

Entangled necklaces may frequently arise, however, with a modicum of forbearance and appropriate methodologies, it is feasible to reinstate your vintage adornments to their previous splendor. Presented below are some useful techniques to assist you in disentangling those obstinate knots.

Soak Necklace In Warm And Soapy Water

One effective way to untangle necklaces is by using warm and soapy water. Start by filling a bowl with warm water and adding a few drops of mild dish soap. Place your tangled necklace into the soapy water and let it soak for about five to ten minutes. The warm water and soap will help lubricate the knots, making it easier to manipulate the chain.

After soaking, use your fingers or a soft toothbrush to gently untangle the knots. Take your time and be patient, as pulling too hard may harm the chain. Once the knots are loosened, rinse the necklace with clean water and dry it by gently patting it with a soft cloth.

Use Baby Oil

thick vintage necklace

Another way to untangle necklaces is by using baby oil. Put a little bit of baby oil on the tangled part and wait for a few minutes. The oil will help to loosen the knots and make the chain easier to move.

Next, use your fingers or a pair of tweezers to gently work on the knots. Be delicate to avoid any damage. Once the necklace is untangled, clean it with a damp cloth to remove any residue from the baby oil.

Use A Needle Or Tweezers

For particularly stubborn knots, you can employ the precision of a needle or tweezers. First, locate the knot and carefully insert the tip of the needle or tweezers into the center of the tangle. Slowly and gently work on the knot, pulling the chain apart as you go. This method may take a bit of time, but it's effective, especially for intricate vintage necklaces.

Use Some Baby Powder

vintage chain necklace

If your necklace gets tangled because of rubbing or static, baby powder can save the day. Just sprinkle a bit on the tangled part and gently rub it in. The powder will lessen the rubbing and make it easier to untangle the chain.

After applying the baby powder, use your fingers to work on the knots, gently pulling the chain apart. Once untangled, wipe off any excess powder with a soft cloth.

Different Ways To Avoid Tangles

Prevention is often the best solution when it comes to necklace tangles. Here are some tips to help you keep your necklaces tangle-free:

Use Jewelry Organizers: Store your necklaces separately in jewelry organizers, such as necklace stands or jewelry boxes with compartments. This prevents them from getting entangled with other jewelry pieces.

Lay Necklaces Flat: When not wearing your necklaces, lay them flat on a soft surface to prevent them from curling or tangling.

Avoid Hanging Necklaces: While hanging necklaces may seem convenient, it can lead to tangles and kinks over time. Opt for storing them flat or in jewelry rolls.

Regular Maintenance: Periodically check your necklaces for knots or tangles and address them promptly to prevent further complications.


Untangling necklaces can be annoying, but with the right techniques and patience, you can easily untangle them and keep your vintage jewelry looking great. Use gentle methods like warm soapy water, baby oil, or baby powder to avoid damaging your precious pieces. Remember, prevention is important too. Invest in proper storage solutions and regularly maintain your jewelry to keep your necklaces tangle-free.

With these tips in mind, you can enjoy your modern or vintage necklaces without the frustration of knots and tangles, ensuring they remain as timeless and beautiful as the day you acquired them.

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